I enjoyed this 2015 talk from Seth Godin about ‘shipping’ – and what stops us committing to delivering something/sharing our work/making changes.

It’s worth staying with it – even though our wandering lizard brains may get impatient and start thinking about food or facebook half way through!

Fear holds us back from many things – that first conversation, saying yes to an opportunity, making changes in our lives. And it’s basically our lizard brain trying to look after us.

But we need to work with it and at the same time not be driven by it. Otherwise opportunities are lost and we’re left with regret/boredom/stagnation. This cost is often greater than the perceived threat of committing to something.

If we can listen to the fears with understanding from this perspective we can often free ourselves ‘to do it anyway’. (Susan Jeffers).

Over time this can become more familiar and manageable.

“On the other side of fear lies freedom”. Enjoy!

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