It’s not ‘just talk’. In short, Alan is fantastic: a coach, counsellor and psychotherapist rolled into one. I recommend him highly.

Anita, Worthing

Alan’s holistic approach worked brilliantly for me. I’m been self-employed for two decades and haven’t had any professional development support in that time. I was working point of exhaustion, mental shut-down.

 Alan was able to give me clarity, future vision and also some effective methods for managing specific situations. Through the process we uncovered underlying issues that touched all aspects of my life: relationships, responsibilities and personal wellbeing. Together we identified the thinking and behaviours that were causing me difficulties, and put some strategies in place for change. And all in just five sessions!

 I also love that I have a flip-chart page of notes from each session, so I can reflect… and will remember. It’s not ‘just talk’. In short, Alan is fantastic: a career-coach, counsellor and psychotherapist rolled into one. I recommend him highly.

Anita, Worthing

Before my sessions with Alan I would constantly worry about what people thought of me, this had a terrible effect on my life and made socialising with others really difficult. I thought I would never be free of this problem and was dubious about getting help.

 After my first session with Alan I was instantly sure that I had made the right decision in seeking help. Alan helped me to discover the core reasons for my insecurities without being pushy or impatient and as I continued my sessions I started to feel like a whole weight was being lifted.

 I have learnt some amazing things about myself and some great techniques when dealing with problems, without Alan’s help I know I would have struggled through the rest of my life.

 After my life coaching sessions with Alan I very quickly found a new job in a career I had wanted to pursue, I am extremely happy now and know that counselling and life coaching combined has helped me immensely.

Hayley, Hove

I was truly scared and terrified when I first started experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, my mind was racing full of uncontrollable, irrational thoughts and I could see no way out.

When I began sessions with Alan I felt an incredible sense of reassurance. His calm, caring and compassionate approach enabled me to identify and engage on the problems from my past, which was causing the anxiety.

The great thing about the sessions was that they didn’t feel clinical. On many occasions it just felt like I wasn’t in a counselling session at all and just chatting to a friend.Throughout my experience, I really trusted Alan. He was my greatest source of guidance through this tough emotional journey.

Having never had counselling before, I’ve learnt so much about myself and feel a better person for it. New goals, new look on life, a new direction. Thank you so much Alan

Justin, Brighton

Magazine Editor

I went to see Alan earlier this year when I was going through a difficult time. I was pretty apprehensive about counselling but he came very highly recommended by a friend. I felt a huge sense of relief immediately after I saw him for the first time. Alan is kind, easy going, very intelligent and incredibly insightful.

My sessions were invaluable in helping me cope with the difficulties I was facing at that time. And since my counselling ended, I continue to find that our conversations have helped me to think about many of life’s challenges in a clearer and more positive way.

This has made a real difference to my life and I would definitely recommend Alan to others.

Jenny, Chichester

My sessions with Alan were an oasis of calm reflection during a time when the rest of my life was undergoing major upheaval. His style was one of compassion and sensitivity, and he was also ready to help me achieve greater self-awareness and self-acceptance by offering different perspectives and encouraging me to understand how I can let go of the past.

His patience and integrity gave me the courage to examine some painful experiences, and together we established a base from which I could re-evaluate my emotions and behaviour. As a result I have been able to make some life-changing decisions with greater confidence and identify those things that are really important to me. A liberating experience. Thank you Alan.

Sarah, Shoreham-by-Sea

Business Owner, CEO

Alan has a calm and rational intelligence which is very suited to providing an empathetic and structured approach to advice. Having just been through a period of significant life change, Alan has offered a safe, structured environment to explore new directions.

Alan clearly draws on his experience from psychotherapy, family life and from business to offer valuable real world advice.

Alan has a strong ability to help you explore and set new directions. He is positive and forward looking and he has taught me to be less scared of the uncertainty that change brings. He has therefore offered a refreshing perspective that other people, who are fearful of change, can struggle to offer.

Katy – International Consultant

International Consultant

Alan was a great help for me in working out my next career steps, both out of a difficult short term situation and in building a plan for the future. His experienced and flexible approach also helped me develop more productive ways of dealing with stressful situations. I have no hesitation in recommending him for others who feel life or job coaching may be beneficial.

Richard, London

I.T. Investment Banking manager

My initial coaching session with Alan guided me through a concise but hugely freeing process.

I set goals to clarify and explore my potential to develop myself and my business as a self-employed person, supported by Alan’s coaching.

Alan’s calm and clear approach enabled me to recognise where I am coming from and heading towards. I feel empowered and motivated to manifest this change. Thank you Alan.

Em, East Sussex

Health Practitioner and Trainer

2012 for me wasn’t a great year in terms of my career and my relationship with my employers. This had badly affected my confidence and my self-esteem had dropped to fairly low levels (not good for someone in business development!).

I sought out Alan to help me with some of the issues that I was experiencing and to develop a view of who I was and what role/environment would suit me. We went through and used many different tools that I used and thought about to empower me. My confidence has since improved significantly and I feel altogether better and am now willing to trust people more.

Ultimately what we discovered was a number of characteristics, interests and goals that I knew I had but were not crystallised. Taking this new approach and being myself and accepting myself as I now am significantly helped me to secure a new role that comes with the right culture, the right vision and for me the ideal mix.

 Alan has helped me immensely and I firmly believe that without Alan’s calm perseverance and acceptance of me and my goals I wouldn’t have got to the position I am now in. I strongly recommend speaking to Alan and exploring his thoughts if you feel unhappy or significantly challenged in your environment.

Matthew, Norwich

Business Development Manager

Once again thank you so very much for all your advice, support, information and coaching it has enabled me to make important decisions about myself and my life and has developed me more as a person.

I contacted Alan because I felt that he would be a pro active counsellor/coach that may support me to make the decisions I needed to make in my life and help me understand myself a bit more. I was completely right. I started visiting Alan because I felt I needed to make some very important decisions about my life, both in my relationship at the time and my work.

Alan has a very relaxed and calming approach to the way he works and communicates with his clients, from the first day I went to see him he put me at ease and made me feel able to discuss the important issues I had in my life and made me feel supported enough to be able to open up about things that I had previously kept closed to most people including myself.

Working with Alan from day one has been beneficial for me both in my work and for me as a person. I have developed new strategies when dealing with emotional situations and am now much more aware about ‘ME’.

Following Alan’s counselling, advice, support and business coaching I am now in the process of working towards preparing, setting up and launching my own private business.

N.H.S. Professional, Worthing

Alan helped me survive a major life crisis with understanding, gentle guidance and showed me the path away from a potential “no win” situation to a much more positive outcome than I could have ever imagined. He aided me in concentrating on what was important and making the changes to attain what I always desired.

Mark, Brighton

Alan is terrific both as a counsellor & as a coach. I used him in both capacities for about a year, dealing with some very tough problems I was having & he was great at listening, reflecting and, very gently, prompting action on my part. And his advice had an uncanny quality of always being right!

I would say he’s exceptionally perceptive about people & situations, which makes him especially effective as a coach. And his laid-back, easy & warm personality makes him an extremely effective counsellor. He’s incredibly easy to get on with & I had such a great rapport with him that I sometimes forgot we were in a counselling session.

I cannot recommend him enough, particularly to people who feel a bit apprehensive about seeing a coach or counsellor.

Alistair, Brighton

Senior Manager, International Development Research Organisation

Alan offers a fantastic service. Our meetings were always well structured, calm, thought provoking and left me feeling energised.

Alan helped me to realise my goals by working to achievable targets and changing my work/ life balance. The perfect way to take a look at your life and re-evaluate your ambitions.


Owner, Director, Design Agency

My sessions with you have helped me a lot when it comes to adjusting to a new professional role. You have helped me raise my self awareness and develop an understanding of unhelpful patterns and learnt behaviour and how to start to change these.

I really appreciate the way you go about things and feel that you strike the right balance between “just” listening and linking what you hear to relevant theories and models when appropriate. I also appreciate all the practical methods your shared to overcome difficulties around time management and managing anxieties. Working with you has been a very good experience and I would recommend you warmly to others.

Maria, Lewes

Business Owner

Alan has helped me at a key important juncture in my life, not so much a crossroad, it felt more like a maze! Through his calm and empathetic approach I have been able to work through the fog and learn more about the deepest desires and values that are important to me.

I can now use these as key components and criteria to help me ensure that my next steps embrace these.I have also learnt not to be so concerned about what other people think about me or how they will judge me. I will now live my life they way I wish it to be and no longer how others wish me to live it.

 I will no longer rely on other people, businesses, companies or government to make decisions for me or take care of me. I am taking control of my livelihood and future. Alan has helped me crystallise my thoughts so that I can take control of my own development. I hold him in high regard and would highly recommend his services for those who would like assistance in taking the next steps toward a better future for themselves.

Kevin, Brighton

Property Investor

I found Alan to be refreshingly straight forward with his advice and way of working and I found our sessions to be enjoyable and enlightening. I would be happy to recommend him.

Dan, Brighton

I began seeing Al because I was suffering from panic attacks after the sudden loss of my best friend. Within two sessions my panic attacks had stopped and felt much stronger and able to cope.

He made me feel that resolving my problems was as important to him as it was with me, so we continued to work together to explore other issues I wanted to resolve but never thought I would be able to. Al is excellent at what he does. His friendly and laid back manner always put me at ease no matter what we were discussing, and although he let me lead the sessions, he always made sure there was structure behind his coaching and goals to achieve.

I am a different person thanks to the work Al and I did togther, and I am very indebted to him for all his help and support. I could not recommend his services highly enough.

Ericka, Brighton


I came to Alan for help with my life and my career. I had experienced health issues that had significantly impacted my life and my work. I was finding it hard to accept everything that had happened to me and move on with my life. I was stuck between what had happened and my fears for my future. With Alan’s help I was able to work through what had happened and see a different life and career. He has given me tools and strategies to help me deal with life in a more positive way.

 I just want to say a huge thank you to Alan as I have just got a new job and this is only the start of the next phase of my life. Thank you !

Karen, Shoreham-by-Sea

Feeling like I was stuck in an emotional rut I plucked up the courage and made an appointment to see Alan. It didn’t take long for Alan to help me understand why. By giving me direction on how to manage my emotions with individuals and in difficult situations, allowing me to grow as a person.

 He has also shown great support in coaching me on how to deal with my fears in both my work and private life, which has increased my confidence and made me realise perhaps life isn’t as scary after all.

 I would highly recommend Alan as both a counsellor and life coach to anyone needing a guiding hand to take the next steps in building your future the way you want it to be.

Emma K, London

Project Manager

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